The Right Planter In The Right Place

When the first time I came to the apartment where my friends live, I was very impressed with the decoration of the lobby. So many ornamental plants are placed at the corner of the lobby and it is very beautiful. As you should know the apartment is located in the center of the city.
Create a more attractive is the planter as the place to put the ornamental plants. The planter is very diverse and beautiful once. It is arranged by artistic so that more comfortable atmosphere in the lobby. I was more surprised when entered into the room in the apartment of my friends. Wow, more decorative plants with various planters, which is not the only placed in the room, there are also windows box planters that are neatly arranged at the windows.
"I did it by myself in choosing the type of planter, the size and put it in the place as you see know" said my friend with pride. Oh really? I still can not believe it! Very comfortable atmosphere in the room and make a stand to live there. I really want to buy a planter for my own! Here are some tips that you can consider as my friend told me:

1. Choose the appropriate type of planter with a place where you will place it, whether in the room (indoor planter) or outdoor (outdoor planter). More specifically, whether it will be placed in the home or in the garden (g
arden planter). Just for information, I put the high end planter in my guest room.
2. Choose the appropriate size that can fit well and look beautiful. Otherwise, it will be useless.

3. Choose a planter that the material in accordance with your taste (wood, granite, stone, stainless steel, etc).

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  1. serahkan semua pada ahlinya

  2. wahhh ... apa artinya nih bhs linggis hehe...


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