The Best Gift For My Lovely Brother

My brother will celebrate his birthday next week. Each year such as this, dizzy thinking what a suitable gift for him. Last year when I bought him a watch he was looked so happy. I want this year he also feel the same.

Hence this morning I tried to search something on the internet. As usual I went through my favorite online store. The options are many and captivate. But I am not so sure that my brother will like it or not.

Finally I found a suitable gift for him. iPod nano! But why? Of course, the iPod nano is the best option, because my brother really like to hear all kind of music and love to sing a song. Every morning he starts the day by turning the radio loudly. Before he goes to sleep, he eager to play his guitar and sings until late night.

So if he has iPod nano he can enjoy his favorite music whenever he wants. It is so easy to upload songs from his computer. Moreover, now the design of this gadget is so dazzling and has more advanced features. I picked iPod nano 8Gb for him. Blue is his favorite color.

Now I can imagine my brother smilling at me…

2 komentar:

  1. mantap tuh IPODnya kapan ya eagle punya :)

  2. daku juga lagi pakai ini..verry sip deh..suaranya ngebas,buzzz...he..he..


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