Get Connected and Having Fun!

I love to share with my friends, but I realize that It is not easy as I thought. Some of my friends live out of Jakarta and some of them even do not live in Indonesia. So I need a media to keep contact and the friendship will never end.

I found a great social network site, Acobay. It is still brand new site but I suggest you to join right now, because it offers a great networking experience. You can share your stuffs to your friend, tell them what the movies you love, the activities you like to do in your spare time, share everything about places that you love to visit, the fun game you like to play, etc. The thing that make me so exciting after joining this site is I can also connect and discuss with the other people that has the same hobbies or interest with me. Great :)

It is so simple to join with this network. Just fill in the register form with your name at username or you can use your nickname or other word, fill a specific password to protect your account and then type the correct verification word before submit the form. Don’t forget to put mark that confirming you agree with the Term of Use and Privacy Policy. That’s It! Very Simple :)

I currently start to build my movie network. I share the movie title that currently watching, see the top movies that have been watched by the other people and keep following the hot movies that I must see.
So get connected and have some fun :)

14 komentar:

  1. Nice post! Let try to get connected.

  2. apakah ini masih paid reviw?. huhuhu....sukses aja deh...

  3. ada bau repiu disini.

    sepertinya jobnya lancar nih, kapan traktirannya :D

  4. semoga sukses selalu dengan repiunya yah :D

  5. hi friend from Turkey
    happy weekend
    welcome always
    http://lunatic.skynetblogs.be http://laracroft3.skynetblogs.be


  6. waduh.. bunda sukses deh.. ditunggu makan2nya ya hehehe...

  7. harumnya bau dollar... hehehe..success 4 u

  8. pantas dicoba nich kang .. meluncur ke TKP

  9. Ini paid review ya??
    ikutan dong
    kasih tahu caranya ya
    boleh deh jadi referalnya

  10. thanks for your information, I glad to see your posting. I deserve to try this especially as a beginner in bloger.

    And i want to thank you on the advice you gave on my blog. (I am sorry if my english is not so good)



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