I Dont Think So: It's Not Easy To Find A Beautiful Lighting!

My husband have asked me to help him finding a good lighting for his working room. I offered him a fine art lamps but he did not agree with me. “All I need is a simple lamp honey. That’s it”, he said too me and I just smiled.

I remember that a few days ago my sister and I went to mall and looked for a beautiful lamp that is fit with her guest room. We spent more than two hours to find the best one but still could not find the model that close to the collection of Hinkley Lighting or Murray Feiss. And guess what… we bought nothing :)

So I suggested her to search it in internet. She looked so happy because she could find what she needs and you know what…she could use my credit card for online shopping!

How’s about my husband? I suggested him to do the same. Why should do the hard way if you can do it easier...right :)

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  1. sukses dengan blogvertisenya

  2. nice review, hope u success with u'r great review

  3. got this offer too...thanks for the visit


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